Our Story

A smile is the universal symbol for happiness and joy. It brings me great pleasure to know you are seconds away from a warm smile. Perhaps its because you are about to taste the love and fresh ingredients I use in making this family-original fudge recipe. 

Over 70 years ago, my mother Fern created the Original Offenbacher fudge recipe, made with milk chocolate and English walnuts, as her special way of celebrating Christmas with friends and family. It has been my mission to share my mother's love with everyone, one bite at a time!

This Holiday season, share the love! Every time you buy a box of Offenbacher Fudge, we will donate a portion of sales, on your behalf, to an under-privileged family, so they too can enjoy the love and happiness this fudge brings.

*Dear Editors, I am happy to provide you with beautiful hi-res images for your articles. Feel free to contact me by phone at 281 849 1498 or by email at offenbacherfudge@gmail.com

Kelly Dixon
Founder and Chocolate Lover
Offenbacher ... Heaven in Every Bite!